Welcome to Revelation Images

The world is full of beauty waiting to be discovered. My goal is to reveal that beauty in the world around us. Beauty that is there, but lays in wait of being discovered in subtle ways.

Come Explore what I have uncovered and the ways you can share and enjoy this hidden beauty.

My Passion
As a professional engineer, I am a person interested in the details of how and why things work as well as making sure things are done correctly. I have applied this to my photography.

For over 35 years, I have been exploring the blending of creativity and craft in capturing the wondrous beauty that I see around me. A beauty that speaks of our creator and His love for us. He shares His creativity with us every day, taking pleasure in even the smallest of details.

I have been trying to share the beauty and wonder I see with other people through my photographs using 35 mm, 2 1/4, 4 x 5 and digital formats.

My computer is now my darkroom as I apply the teachings of Ansel Adams
( and Freeman Paterson ( in consistently capturing the image in my mind's eye when I look upon a scene.

Robert Worthingham, D.G.